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Nemecene: Ripples in the Triverse (Series, Episode 6) LIMITED AUTHOR SIGNED COPY


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The time for hiding is over. Twins Keeto and Elize have achieved sufficient mastery in the versal arts to intimidate those who hunt them, and so an unspoken truce brings cautious cooperation between rivals. But Elize remembers everything — the nightmares, the murder, now their faces. With her recovery complete, Keeto drifts without purpose only to lose himself in a secret relationship that threatens the preternatural bond between the siblings. Will his demons ultimately consume him?

In this sixth episode of the Nemecene™ series, layers of deceit form a veneer over an already fractured reality stitched together by the law of cause and effect. Although Earth’s oceans have now returned to their 21st century levels, toxic fog and rising temperatures still quarantine humanity inside air-conditioned and filtered cities. Meanwhile, the Pramam’s obsessive vendetta against the Gadlins has forced the evacuation of Eadonberg and has strained critical alliances.

Fortunately for those climate refugees, a strategic Ministry appointee reestablishes communications with the recently inducted Gadlin leader and facilitates a trade deal for lifesaving technologies from their floating environmental rehabilitation facilities surrounding Esarohlauton, the city where Keeto and Elize now consider home. Zafarian is back and looking to rekindle his friendship with the twins. However, something uncharacteristic about their half-Gadlin genius chumbud raises suspicions as to his real loyalties.

Intent on regaining Keeto and Elize’s trust, Zafarian uses his security clearance as assistant to none other than their otherworldly nemesis and licentious Inner Council member, Sothese, to smuggle them into restricted areas of Ministburg, the luxurious political core of the Unification where he now lives. What they inadvertently discover raises questions about their true origins and exposes a fragile global government desperate to maintain the balance of power while at the mercy of competing factions unconcerned about earthly matters.

Could a new world order be what their not-exactly-human mentors have been training Keeto and Elize for? Siufflah, for one, will be the guiding voice in the wind, reporting through the turbulence and ready to pounce on an opportunity to set things right, as he so judges.


Each chapter is organized into three sections, each section consistently assigned to a single narrator.

Section 1 - Siufflah: Past trauma shakes his commitment to the order of things

Section 2 - Elize: Alignment invites otherworldly power to her pursuits

Section 3 - Keeto: A secret obsession threatens more than his loyalties


“Set in an eerily probable post-apocalyptic future, Nemecene: Ripples in the Triverse is vividly detailed and imaginatively written. LEFAVE does justice to her twin protagonists, Elize and Keeto, by voicing them with unique narrative styles and liberally dotting the timeline with illuminating moments from their past.”


“From out of KAZ's wickedly clever imagination springs a dark, dangerous future of failing ecosystems. A brisk pace fuels the intricate plot wherein truths are proved false and the entire future of humanity is at stake.”
— Allen Mixson, Writer's Consultant, Historian

“Get ready for an unparalleled adventure and reading experience! Words can hardly do it justice. Through her unique narration, KAZ builds an immersive world that has you feeling like part of the action right alongside her characters. She uses her talent to intentionally unveil the adventure in a way that challenges your assumptions, stretches your beliefs, and leaves you eagerly awaiting the next episode.”
— Amy Latimer, advance reader


Ripples in the Triverse is a captivating addition to this already amazing series. This new episode is beautifully written. You won't want to put it down once you start. Through her writing, KAZ LEFAVE makes you feel like you live in the world with the characters and you feel what they are feeling. Ripples in the Triverse pulled at my heart strings. I was emotionally invested until the last page. I would strongly recommend this book to my friends. I cannot wait for the next episode of this series.”
— Elizabeth Baker Dolan, Thoughtful ENVOY

“Unexpected revelations of KAZ LEFAVE’s Nemecene world abound in Ripples in the Triverse, carrying the reader both into mysterious new depths and onto infinite lookouts, alternating between space-time travel and down-to-earth hovering. The heretofore perplexing family history of the twin protagonists breaks through the fog, while the multi-faceted plot begins to converge, ushering in the long-awaited final trilogy of this riveting series. But don’t let the endearing kelpets distract you from the shifting timeline or you will miss the most significant dévoilement of all …”
— Hélène Vachon, Cautious ENVOY

Ripples in the Triverse is a beautifully written book that pulls you into the characters’ shoes and makes it hard to put down. KAZ made the beautiful fictional universe so real it's hard to imagine you aren't living in it. With the continuous adventure and constant mysteries and the longing to know what happens with every sentence, KAZ’s sci-fi leaves you with something to think about and anticipation for the next book.”
— Melanie McCallum, Determined ENVOY

“KAZ has created a world so immersive and page turning that often times it's hard to put the book down. The characters are so intriguing and thought-provoking you can't help but become invested in their journey. The raw heart and emotion shown by the twins makes you want to root for them in their quest, cheer for them in their triumphs, and hold them close in their struggles. Ripples in the Triverse is the latest installment in the Nemecene world that will leave you thirsting for more!”
— Crystal C. Miller, Resilient ENVOY

“This installment of the Nemecene world was fun to read. Ripples in the Triverse has a balance of moments where you wish to laugh, cry, get upset, and even angry in a very engaging manner. The details of the environment and characters are quite unique and vivid. These qualities allow the reader to visualize the settings, which makes the book comfortably immersive. KAZ has produced another novel that is full of wit, fun, and adventure, making it interesting and engaging with the reader wanting to know what happens next.”
Gary Forbes, Blessed ENVOY

““I found Ripples in the Triverse fun, easy to follow, and very cool with all the time traveling and some unexpected unraveling of the main characters. I don’t know why, but I also love that KAZ brought Sothese forward in the story again … He is so awful and complicated! The storyline is so creative, with all the science and technology that KAZ uses, but maintains this spiritual flow between the characters and the world they are in. The plot is poetic, mysterious, and mystical … I cannot wait to discover the truth!”
— Ana Jorge, Open ENVOY

Ripples in the Triverse is a new episode from KAZ where we see our favorite twins continue their journey of mystery. Their questions of who to trust and mistrust continue as they meet up with friends, old and new, both in reality and in dreams. I enjoyed every twist and turn.”
— Marinela Ortiz, Nerdyshique ENVOY from nerdyshiqueuniverse.com

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