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What is the Nemecene™ World?

NEMECENE is an innovative trans-media franchise that engages, inspires, and empowers science fiction fans to turn play into socio-environmental living with long-term global impact.

Nemecene: The Epoch of Redress is the first episode in the series, as well as the fully qualified name of the futuristic world created by science fiction fantasy author and world builder Kaz Lefave.

But what does Nemecene actually mean? And what makes the epoch one of redress?

Let's disassemble the name and find out.

Epoch — a division of time less than a period and greater than an age. It is a particular span of history, especially one considered remarkable or noteworthy, as marked by an event, by a distinctive development, or a memorable series of events.

Redress — remedy or compensation for a wrong or grievance.

Nemesis — a long-standing rival; an archenemy.

Holocene — epoch which began approximately 12,000 years ago and includes the growth and impact of humans on the earth’s ecosystem. It is marked by the end of the last glacial period and is therefore considered an interglacial time span in the current ice age.

Pronunciation of Nemecene — pronounced as nemesis, with the “sis” replaced by a suffix “cene” and pronounced as “scene”.