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Nemecene: Through Fire and Ice (Series, Episode 3) LIMITED AUTHOR SIGNED COPY



Quarter Finalist, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror, The BookLife Prize 2018


As Earth gets hotter day by day, Elize’s deteriorating mental stability awakens forces that even the Ministry cannot control. Chaos replaces order with the twins as bait.

Debunked government propaganda ignites a movement calling for transparency that risks exposing the twins’ location. While the Pramam’s leadership decays from within, allies emerge, but are they already too late to stop the gathering?

Only a shift in perception can restore the balance. Would you question your beliefs?


Each chapter is organized into three sections, each section consistently assigned to a single narrator.

Section 1 - Sothese: He masters consent through subterfuge and seduction.

"Obsessions, submissions, and transgressions coil around those who should know better than to entwine themselves with Sothese, yet the temptation is simply overpowering. His ministerial reach extends far beyond political maneuvering. Through the visceral style that remains the trademark of his kind, he seduces your body, soul, and mind with artful prose and misdirection, all for his own licentious entertainment, of course.

You may not feel for him, but you will definitely feel him ... invade you from the inside."

Section 2 - Elize: Her restless tough-girl attitude betrays her splintered mind.

"Keet is such a pup. Honestly. There’s nothing mystical about my nightmares. It’s a scientific fact that dreams are just our brain’s way of processing things. And in my case, it’s simply trauma nothing more. Keet’s afraid I’ll get lost in some mental void like Mother and that Father will commit me to the GHU. That’s where Mother died. Wipe that image. No more tears. Good. So we’re keeping everything hush. Crazed, eh? Anyway, I hope he’s wrong. Better keep the voices to myself. Everybody hears some. They just won’t admit it. It’s not considered normal. Right. Normal. At least, we’ll be gone soon and maybe even…Crap! No. Not now.

Breathe, Eli, breathe. Here he comes. Breathe. Act normal."

Section 3 - Keeto: His courage hides inside the cocoon of an armchair archaeologist.

"Time has not filled the void you left when Eli and I were just nine years old. As I cloister myself here, sprinkling the pages of another journal with my emotions, I image that you see through my eyes, and write through my quill. It is this insanity that keeps me sane while my days spent digging for answers to questions that constantly change consume my sheltered life. If only your spirit could materialize into the Mother I need you to be once again. But reality reminds me otherwise. My only hope is that connecting with you, in these quiet and sometimes not so quiet moments of reflection, will uncover truths that liberate us all.

But will they come soon enough?"



“Alluring, lyrical prose, although story questions still linger.”

“With considerable skill, the author has concocted vivid, vibrant, cosmic worlds that hone in on several diverse narrators and their day-to-day hopes, dreams, and fears.”

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