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Nemecene: Dreams Flow in Streams (Series, Episode 4) LIMITED AUTHOR SIGNED COPY



Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the dreamless sleep? Elize is about to find out in nine days, unless … her twin brother Keeto can save her.

Hidden away in a room that multiple entities desperately seek, an inner battle materializes amid the frames of reality. As time flows through the space between lives, meandering, spinning, and falling with every attempt to end the chase for answers, destiny creeps forward.

In this fourth episode of the Nemecene™ series, Elize travels where few can safely pass, when memories can suddenly fade, and with guides who can simply mislead, while Keeto throws his faith into a game of trust-and-see. And the clock ticks on against them both.

What the twins have discovered, thus far, is a blip in the order of things. What they believe in is irrelevant. What they hope for is a miracle.

How far would you leap to catch your dreams?


Each chapter is organized into three sections, each section consistently assigned to a single narrator.

Section 1 - Tuffurie: She rights the ethereal chaos in the order of things.
Section 2 - Elize: Her restless tough-girl attitude betrays her splintered mind.
Section 3 - Keeto: His courage hides inside the cocoon of an armchair archaeologist.


“Kaz Lefave has a magnificent mind, and once again I find myself drawn right into the marvellous world of Nemecene. She is a true wordsmith, and paints her story and the inner lives of her characters with cinematic flair. Every sense is engaged; visual, olfactory, auditory, touch. (Hint: can’t wait for the movie version!)

Here is a familiar tale of the eternal tug of war between light and dark, good and evil, the collective good and the ego-driven individual agenda. Which energy will ultimately have the power? But this version is told with with fresh and exciting twists that are complete with shape-shifting, body-swapping and time-hopping.

The book begins with protagonist Elize facing a life and death crisis. The fate of the world hinges on what will happen to her, and time is of the essence. Three principal characters, Tuffurie, Elize and Keeto, recount their versions of what is happening, what led up to the dire situation, and what may be. I love the way that each character has a unique personality, voice, rhythm and style.

Is Elize actually dead or alive? Her body appears to be lifeless, yet her consciousness is vividly aware as she navigates a deeper reality. The three main voices weave together elements of the past, present and future in their quest for redemption. Is it possible to shift outcomes with deep inner work? Can Elize and her twin, Keeto, wake up in the dream and heal the past and the future? Is there one reality, or can multiple realities coexist?

Kaz kept me deeply engaged with vivid chase scenes, epic battles, fantastical creatures, metaphysical discussions, humour, wordplay and creative technology. Nemecene is a world of the future, yet it is our story too. We also live in a world where desires for personal and political power run rampant and trample our earth’s resources as well as our spirits. I won’t reveal how the book ends, but I will say that this story invites us all to wake up, now.”
— Karusia Wroblewski, Yoga Therapist, Educator, Inspiratrix.

“In this book of altered states and new realities you are rocked back and forth, up and down and invited at every turn to take a leap of faith when everything that you can sense is reminding you of the vastness of intertwined existences and the unsettling mystery of the unknown. With every page your curiosity and desire for deeper understanding are heightened as you are also challenged to find compassion for the wills of characters compelled to do what they most fervently believe they have been called to see through. Between the faithful scribing of Keet to capture what truths he can, and Eli’s ownership of self as she engages what her universe presents to her, the reader is pulled in to situate their own powers of discernment to break free from distortions presented as wisdom, and shadow the characters of their leanings to weave along the ongoing journey of the twins.”
— Ariadni Athanassiadis, Art-Sci Enthusiast

“After reading the first Trilogy of the Nemecene® series, Dreams Flow in Streams plunged me into a whole new unexpected dimension of the rich, unique world created by Kaz Lefave. So far, I have been delighted with the fluidity of intersecting stories, and the different direction each tome has taken, each time bringing the reader to a new place. [The Epoch of Redress introduced us to the breathtaking setting along the twins’ maiden voyage, their encounters with enigmatic characters, and Eadonberg’s post-cataclysmic architectural beauty. In The Gadlin Conspiracy, we witnessed the melding of ethereal and concrete factions in the twins’ upended lives, as well as the clashing cultures borne of this brave new world. While the plot continued to evolve in Through Fire and Ice, the reader was treated for the first time to an up-close and personal encounter with key leaders, bringing into sharper focus their social order’s disturbing elements.] Then, Dreams Flow in Streams led me to a parallel reality, the tesseract that is Elize’s world, which brought together pieces of the previous puzzles. Indeed, Dreams brings glimpses of Interstellar to a Kafkaesque social order reminiscent of The Handmaid’s Tale in a setting that transcends Elysium, squarely putting Nemecene in a genre of its own. I can’t wait to see where the fifth Nemecene® book will take me. I know Kaz Lefave won’t disappoint.”
— Hélène Vachon, Entrepreneur, Budding Futurist

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