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 Nemecene: The Gadlin Conspiracy by Science Fiction Auhtor Kaz Lefave

The Gadlin Conspiracy (Episode 2)


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A degenerative virus fuels distrust between cultures as twins Keeto and Elize discover they aren’t the only ones being hunted.

While the government intensifies its secret campaign against the Gadlin underground with allegations of biological terrorism, Zafarian, the twins’ half-Gadlin friend, questions his own loyalties.

Could the Unification broadcasts be true?

Humanity trades freedom for fear. Control passes to the very entities Keeto has vowed to hide Elize from, the ones who had caged their mother — the Global Health Unit.

What price would you pay for safety?

A conspiracy is indeed growing, but by whom and towards whom may surprise you.


Each chapter is organized into three sections, each section consistently assigned to a single narrator.

Section 1 - Nepharisse: She captivates wandering minds with lyrical incantations.

"No human can resist the sparkles that dance on the wings of her words. When chaos worries the thoughts of men, she sashays in step with her calm intensity to soothe their angst. But if their actions interfere with her heart’s desire, a master puppeteer slices through the veil of her verses.

As it was with Nathruyu, Nepharisse’s voice emanates from a deeper place. Her body serves as a host for a larger presence, while she glides through time by the grace of her kind. The sweet innocence behind her eyes is hers to wield when matters call for a little mischief, wrapped in a sheath of trust.

You need someone to trust. Trust is key. You can trust in me."

Section 2 - Elize: Her restless tough-girl attitude betrays her splintered mind.

"Keet is such a pup. Honestly. There’s nothing mystical about my nightmares. It’s a scientific fact that dreams are just our brain’s way of processing things. And in my case, it’s simply trauma nothing more. Keet’s afraid I’ll get lost in some mental void like Mother and that Father will commit me to the GHU. That’s where Mother died. Wipe that image. No more tears. Good. So we’re keeping everything hush. Crazed, eh? Anyway, I hope he’s wrong. Better keep the voices to myself. Everybody hears some. They just won’t admit it. It’s not considered normal. Right. Normal. At least, we’ll be gone soon and maybe even…Crap! No. Not now.

Breathe, Eli, breathe. Here he comes. Breathe. Act normal."

Section 3 - Keeto: His courage hides inside the cocoon of an armchair archaeologist.

"Time has not filled the void you left when Eli and I were just nine years old. As I cloister myself here, sprinkling the pages of another journal with my emotions, I image that you see through my eyes, and write through my quill. It is this insanity that keeps me sane while my days spent digging for answers to questions that constantly change consume my sheltered life. If only your spirit could materialize into the Mother I need you to be once again. But reality reminds me otherwise. My only hope is that connecting with you, in these quiet and sometimes not so quiet moments of reflection, will uncover truths that liberate us all.

But will they come soon enough?"