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Nemecene: Dreams Flow in Streams by Science Fiction Auhtor Kaz Lefave

Dreams Flow In Streams (Episode 4)


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Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the dreamless sleep? Elize is about to find out in nine days, unless … her twin brother Keeto can save her.

Hidden away in a room that multiple entities desperately seek, an inner battle materializes amid the frames of reality. As time flows through the space between lives, meandering, spinning, and falling with every attempt to end the chase for answers, destiny creeps forward.

In this fourth episode of the Nemecene™ series, Elize travels where few can safely pass, when memories can suddenly fade, and with guides who can simply mislead, while Keeto throws his faith into a game of trust-and-see. And the clock ticks on against them both.

What the twins have discovered, thus far, is a blip in the order of things. What they believe in is irrelevant. What they hope for is a miracle.

How far would you leap to catch your dreams?


Each chapter is organized into three sections, each section consistently assigned to a single narrator.

Section 1 - Tuffurie: She rights the ethereal chaos in the order of things.
Section 2 - Elize: Her restless tough-girl attitude betrays her splintered mind.
Section 3 - Keeto: His courage hides inside the cocoon of an armchair archaeologist.